Hardwood flooring gives you an unbeatable experience

Hardwood flooring has some of the most extended lifespans available in the flooring industry, and that is why many homeowners await the opportunity to have them installed in their homes. However, you might find that these products are perfect for your home as well. Read along now to find out more about what they offer and how you can take advantage of them in your home today.

The variety in hardwood flooring

Most homeowners know about solid hardwood flooring and often prefer it because it has a lifespan that can easily surpass 100 years or more. These floors are incredibly durable, hard-wearing, and offer a significant number of personalizations for creating the specific space you want and need. They are a great addition to many rooms, with luxurious, timeless appearances you will enjoy for years. Another product gaining popularity and offering excellent trend-matching beauty is engineered wood flooring. Unlike the solid, through-and-through wood experience you get with solid wood, these products feature a layered construction, with a natural wood veneer on top. As a result, they are durable, offer a perfect below-grade installation experience, and can be used in a wide variety of rooms. Wood flooring can easily be customized to fit your specific décor requirements, with various species and stain colors blend well with many interior design schemes. Choose colors from light blondes to rich, deep ebony, and everything in between, for the look you want and need. Then, add the perfect finish for an all-around visual, as well as durability that can hide scuffs, scratches, and more. No matter which material you choose, you are sure to find the best option for your home. Ask about installation specifics once you select a material, and we will give you an estimate for both scheduling and budgeting. We will also tell you more about refinishing and how that can increase the lifespan of this floor covering.

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