Custom showers


Custom showers can change your entire bathroom

If you have never experienced a custom shower in your home, now is a great time to find out what they can do for you. There are many options and personalizations that can help create the perfect space, so be sure to consider all your options to find the right one. Match your needs and preferences with options that cater to them perfectly, but let’s find out even more right now.

Consider a tile shower and more

A tile shower is an integral part of any upgraded bathroom, as the materials can last for decades with excellent performance through the years. These surfaces resist chips, cracks, stains, and even the growth of mold and mildew, which can often be a struggle in many bathrooms. Since tile is a hypoallergenic surface, you find a healthier atmosphere in this critical area.

Our in-house design team can help you create a spa-like experience in this room in both appearance and appeal, with options that genuinely work for you. For example, consider a walk-in shower with specifically designed doors and other features that can work to your great benefit, especially over time. In addition, since color plays a huge role in remodeling this space, you will be happy to know there are nearly limitless opportunities in color and style.

In addition to outstanding visuals and durability, you can also enjoy a wealth of material options, including glass, tile, and all-natural stone, to give you the performance and ease of maintenance you desire. We can discuss your installation details and more when you finalize your material and placement choices. So be sure to stop by today to get started.



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Customized showers are available here

Lincoln Trail Decorating Center is an excellent place for all your remodeling needs, including customized showers that genuinely cater to your specific needs. No matter what your need or how large your project is, we have something for everyone. While you are here, you can speak with an associate or in-house designer to help create the space you want and need.

We are proud to serve the communities of Vincennes, IN, Bruceville, IN, Monroe City, IN, Wheatland, IN, Lawrenceville, IL, Robinson, IL, Bridgeport, IL, Princeton, IN, Sullivan, IN, and Washington, IN. You are invited to visit us at our showroom in Vincennes, IN, at your convenience, to speak with a specialist about your requirements and preferences. We will make sure you get the shower installation that will serve you and your family for years to come.